Hey! Site's gone quiet because of several, mostly work-related reasons. Several staff have gone on leave, resigned or been dealing with health issues at my job so all of us that are left right now have been under a lot of pressure to keep everything afloat and recently I just haven't had the energy to write or code after coming home. During the writing and publishing of the last update I was actually also recovering from COVID, which sent my regular, comfortable schedule tumbling and I had to re-organise a lot of stuff into tighter spaces of time, not to mention uni returning from holiday literally the day after I was able to leave quarantine. Until we're able to get more staff at work (manager has been interviewing like crazy) or until my next uni holiday, updates are likely to be minimal. I am currently working on the fashion section and I want to make sure it's fleshed out before it's published, so there's that on the way. In the meantime I've been escaping to Second Life, among other things. I'm kind of a lone wolf on there but I love exploring and working on my avatar and little plot of land. I'm interested in forming or joining a little neocities community on there if such a thing exists, so if you play too please send me a friend request! Despite playing on and off since 2018 some things around how the social system works is still a mystery to me so I'm not sure how to share my profile but I think you can find it by

going to my parcel and looking at the land info.

(Had to cancel my land ownership for the time being but drop a comment on my page instead!) I'd love to hang out on the grid sometime.

Thanks for reading!