100 Questions for a Lolita

Yoinked from Howtobecomeanangel who translated it into English, original questionare was passed around on early personal websites of lolitas in Japan.

1. Please tell us your Name, Birthday and Where You're From.
My name is deez nuts, my birthday is April 11th and I live in Australia.

2. What is your Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Shoe Size?
155cm (or a bit over 5 feet), between 46-48 kilos, usually small or xs, US 5

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?
I loved how it looks so much that I want to wear it!

4. What's your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?
Gothic, oldschool and 2007-2013 sweet.

5. Are you committed to the above or do you have your own definition?
I think the rigid style definitions of sweet, gothic, classic etc. are somewhat outdated and only really useful for explaining to newbies or trying to describe a typical look, despite there being myriad of completely different outfits that could fall under each label.

6. Do you have any piercings, and if so how many?
Just the common earlobe piercings, one on each ear. I think other ear piercings or the "bites" ones are cool but I probably won't get any more.

7. What is your favourite brand?
I like different eras of different brands but the brands whose pieces I like the most consistantly would either be Moi-Meme-Moitie or Victorian Maiden, even though I don't own many items from either.

8. What is your favourite piece of clothing?
Of that I own, it's Meta's Corset Style JSK with Crown Embroidery in black x white. It's comfy and versatile!

9. How many Lolita friends do you have?
2 close friends that are also lolitas, and like 3 more that I see a few times a year at meets.

10. What is the best thing about being a Lolita?
Dressing in a way that you connect with.

11. On the contrary, what is the worst?
Community drama and harassment from outsiders.

12. What magazine(s) do you read?
Kera, GLB and a few issues of CUTiE, but it would be a stretch to say I read them.

13. Headdresses v Bonnets v Ribbons (Headbands)?
Headdresses! Bonnets can be a bit much sometimes and ribbons don't fit as many different looks

14. Do you wear bloomers?
Yes, even outside of lolita, especially in winter. They're super comfy.

15. Do you tie your headdress in the front or the back?
In the front. I have short and thin hair and rarely wear wigs so tying it at the back would push my hair up in a weird way.

16. Do you have a favourite music genre or band?
My fave artist of all time is Serani Poji but I listen to a lot of different music. Recently, more typical Jpop from around the turn of the milennium and also 90s alt-rock

17. What is your phone ringtone?
One of the default ones. I think this is more of a common answer now than when this quiz was made lol

18. Do you go to lives/concerts in Lolita?
Yes, to smaller ones.

19. For those that go to lives/concerts, do you headbang?
When it is appropriate :)

20. What colours do you like?
All pastels, black and white.

21. What are your hobbies?
Too many things.

22. What is your favourite perfume?
Chanel n.19. My mum got a bottle as a gift years ago but she didn't like it so she gave it to me, and I'm barely 2% through it.

23. Being a Lolita, is there anything you are careful of?
Keeping my clothes clean and dodging creeps or assholes

24. Where do you usually hang out?
In town, if I'm wearing lolita it's usually a picnic or night out with friends.

25. How many times do you wear lolita a week?
More like once every few months. My friends either live a while away or are super busy and I rarely wear lolita alone anymore.

26. Please tell us an embarrassing story you are guilty of from your early days of wearing lolita.
I'm not really embarassed by this because I was so young but my first coord was to a convention on my 13th birthday, I wore Innocent World's Sugar Cake JSK (more on that later) with my mum's old office shirt as a blouse, my school uniform long socks and shoes, and a pearl headband from Kmart lol.

27. What is your hairstyle and hair colour now?
Natural dark brown and nearly shoulder length, bangs if they choose to stay in place (very rare)

28. How long is your lolita history?
I discovered it in 2011 through either the DS game Style Boutique (style savvy in US) or flash dressup games, I don't remember. I wore my one bodyline and my one brand piece to cons for a while and then forgot about lolita during mid-highschool. I picked it back up again in 2018 and have remained a lolita ever since.

29. Do you have a dedicated place for storing lolita?
I have a rolling rack from Kmart for my dresses. Skirts, blouses and shoes hang out with my normal clothes.

30. Up to now have you ever thought about quitting lolita?
Recently It's been tough to wear it at all due to lack of time and anxiety but I don't see myself ever selling most of my stuff.

31. What is your motto?
idk.. maybe ":3" lol

32. What is your future dream?
Getting my ass outta this town!!!

33. Is there any celebrity you think "This person definitely suits Lolita!"?
Not really, aside from other EGLsphere neocities users :3. My favourite EGL "influencer" of all time is hands down Princess Peachie, even if she no longer wears it.

34. Please tell us about an item that is full of memories
Sugary Carnival OP in lavender. I managed to get it for a shockingly low price compared to the usual from mercari just before the big ott sweet revival craze of 2020. It was my dream dress back before I even got to wear lolita at all, looking at it brings back all those excited memories of dreaming of looking like those girls from yaplog whose photos were stolen and shared on pinterest and tumblr, with the huge teased wigs and gems stuck to their cheeks.

35. What is the very first item you got?
Innocent World's Sugar Cake JSK in pink! There used to be a store in town that sold Japanese magazines and mooks, and also had a small selection of brand clothes. I wanted to go because I was a baby weeb. I saw Sugar Cake and lost my mind, and by some miracle it was on sale for $120 (that's AUD so like, US $1.50 /j) so my mum bought it for me as my 13th birthday present.

36. When having your photo taken, do you have a pose you always do?
I don't like photos and I have no clue how to pose well. No matter what I always look strange.

37. What is your bible? (Book, Magazine, CD etc)
Nothing I stick to that rigidly, but I'm definitely inspired by the street snaps in the magazines I have. I think my music taste also pairs quite well with what I like to wear.

38. What is the height of the tallest shoes you wear?
These Bodyline chunky heels. IDK how tall they actually are but the platform combined with the heel makes them pretty big.

39. Have you ever worn a tiara?
Only a small one, attached by a comb.

40. Occasionally do you want to try Ouji?
Only if I could get so creative with it that it would look more like something prince would wear than actual ouji.

41. What kind of lace do you like?
Torchon, especially when used unconventionally to make shapes and enhance a silhouette.

42. Do you have dolls? If you do please tell us about her!
I have a dollfie dream. I think her model name is mirai (not to be confused with smart doll) and she's from 2003. She was quite cheap because she's old and some of her joints are loose. I love how the older DDs look, some people find them uncanny but that's why I think they're cool. I haven't given her a real name or personality. I also have a couple porcelain-style dolls handed down from my grandparents.

43. What's inside your Lolita bag?
Anything that would be in my normal bag, and I use the same tote bag I use daily when I wear lolita. I can't go anywhere without a water bottle and most lolita bags just can't fit one.

44. What's your favourite flower?
Hydrangeas and morning glorys are nice.

45. What is your favourite accessory right now?
A pink multi-strand fake pearl choker with a big, rhinestone filled silver crown charm in the middle. I made it myself. It's intentionally reminiscent of hime-gyaru accessories.

46. What is your favourite or recommended cosmetics?
Brown eyeliner from Canmake. I use it to line my lower lashes and it looks better on me for that purpose than black eyeliner imo. Can also be used as brow liner. Very useful and versatile

47. Big and beautiful eyes are the proof of a doll! So, do you wear false eyelashes? Also if you have any tips for application please tell us.
I always wear them when wearing sweet. For application, use tweezers or grab the very edge and just be patient.

48. Please tell us your eye makeup fixation.
Whatever eyeshadow suits the look, black pencil liner on top lashes and brown on bottom. Falsies when nescessary. Not a huge fan of liquid liner or wings.

49. Is your lipstick red? Blue? Black? Pink?
I almost never wear lipstick because I find it uncomfortable and my mouth is weird looking, I have thin lips and a very asymmetrical jawline. But if i had to it would just be a glittery gloss or neutral liquid. I love how red looks on others though.

50. What colour do you use often for your manicures?
I can't paint my nails because i work in food service, but when I could, just a neutral glitter was very nice.

51. Have you ever stealthily changed into your clothes in a train (or public) toilet?
Yes lol. Old harajuku station.

52. Have you ever done a twinning coord? A triplet coord? What are your thoughts?
No, I'd love to but my friends all have very different tastes.

53. What do you do to keep your figure? Any recommendations?
My job has me on my feet moving all day, my medication greatly supresses my appetite and I rarely eat meat nowadays. Mostly I'm just lucky I was born a way I can fit into Japanese brand sizes. It pisses me off a lot that so many brands only make their clothes in sizes that are literally unattainable for many people.

54. Wearing lolita alone. Are you okay with it?
Depends how long and where I'm going. I used to be able to easily, but not so much anymore.

55. How much do you spend a month on clothes and accessories?
I'm satisfied with my wardrobe, so in the past couple of years it's been less than $150 a year.

56. Was there a considerable time difference between when you found out about Lolita and when you started wearing it?
Detailed in Q28.

57. What is the most expensive thing you've bought up to now?
Angelic Pretty's Cherry Marguerite OP in pink.

58. Lolita is really expensive. How to get money for it?
Normal ways of obtaining currency. Selling pieces you've fallen out of love with is good. I also sell acessories I make for fun at swap meets, but that by no means gets me enough to buy a dress especially as I don't sell for prices high enough to make a profit larger than single digits.

59. Just between the two of us, generally how much have you spent on Lolita altogether up until now?
That's a secret, but mostly I don't wanna do the math

60. What shop do you want close to you?
A physical Closet Child.

61. Just between the two of us, are there any shops you think are a total ripoff?
Certain sellers on Lacemarket... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTpjaLp31C4

62. Do you use online shops? If you have what are the good and bad points about it? If you haven't, please tell us why.
Online shops are really the only option for buying lolita here, aside from the rare swap meet. If you're after a certain piece and are vigilant about checking all the stores and marketplaces, it's bound to eventually show up unless it's exceedingly old or rare. Prices and shipping costs can get rough though.

63.I'd like to keep it a secret, but tell me about a 個人製作 site, just for me(I'm not sure what "個人製作" is supposed to mean in this context)
my own site I suppose?

64. I definitely won't get it! But I really really want it! Do you have a certain something from a certain brand that you want?
Moi-Meme-Moitie Nun OP. It was on wunderwelt last year but uhhhh it was like $500 lol. There are items that lie in positions on the rarity/demand/price axis where I love them but will not buy them lest they sit in my wardrobe gathering dust because there is never a special enough occasion to wear them.

65. What do you do with pieces you get bored of?
Sell them to friends or other comm members first, or stick them on Lacemarket after procrastinating about it for far too long

66. What is the last thing you bought (even outside of Lolita)?
Paint for a new garage kit :D

67. Is there something you'll probably never have it again, but you can't forget about?
To go intangible and also be a downer for this question, I don't think the lolita community will ever be the same since covid, for the worse. Lolita was already fated to become a community filled with clout chasers ever since social media became popular more than a decade ago, but covid totally closed the doors for people to make connections with it offline for a while and many people chose to stay on the path of wearing it only online, accelerating it towards this fate. My local comm is less than half as active post-pandemic than it was before, despite lolita being more popular than ever.

68. What do you think of people that wear lolita only to lives/concerts?
I think conventions would be the more applicable thing to ask for the international community, but either way it's cool with me! Wear it in whatever circumstances make you comfortable.

69. What do you think of people that don't wear makeup with lolita fashion?
I know there's quite a few people who are interested in lolita, usually newbies, who have never worn makeup before, and I think they should at least try it before they knock it because it almost always significantly improves the cohesiveness of the look. Otherwise whatever. I don't even wear makeup with lolita most days anyway, since lack of makeup doesn't clash with my style.

70. There's a Lolita wearing the same coord as you! What do you think?
Woah twins?!?

71. From what age until what age do you think is forgivable to wear Lolita?
To the grave

72. In what situation do you think you would have to stop wearing Lolita?
If I was working more than 50 hours a week + I have no friends to wear it with me. I still wouldn't sell my clothes unless I really needed to but this has actually been my situation before and I was too damn tired to do anything.

73. Do you have any "Stop doing this!" warnings?
Newbies! Don't get your info from the big social medias please! I see more misinfo than one would think. Stuff like sponsor-happy stores that have much better competitors, scam stores trying to fleece people, and other newbies giving advice via a game of telephone. Search for your local comm (they're probably on facebook) and ask them as long as you pass vetting. If you don't yet, check out sites under the lolitafashion or EGL tag on neocities or https://lolita-tips.tumblr.com/ for advice and info from actual veterans.

74. Do you have any thoughts about what a Lolita should be like?
Respectful, open-minded and passionate.

75. Excluding Q.73, is there anything you don't want a Lolita to do?
Don't push yourself. Whether that's moderating how much you're spending on clothes, wearing shoes that are function over form if that makes your movement easier, changing in our out of outfits or pieces when you feel like you need to, or anything else. Lolita is about feeling comfortable wearing things you love.

76. What do you think of boys wearing Lolita?
Several of my lolita friends are men so I'm cool with it. Never had any bad experiences first-hand with brolitas.

77. Since wearing Lolita has anything about you changed from before?
I wouldn't have most of my friends I do now if I hadn't gotten back into it. But loving and wearing lolita has butterfly-effected my life in so many other ways for the better.

78. What do the people around you say about you wearing Lolita?
If this is about random people in public, young women and other alternative folks are all really sweet but it's always the guys who look like they trade crypto and/or take fortnite seriously that are huge fucking dickheads. Here it just comes with the territory of wearing anything other than all-black sports-casual but it gets grating over time. As for my family, I'm thankful that they're cool with it. My parents both dipped their toes into some of the subcultures of the 80s so they understand the drive behind this kind of self-expression.

79. In the midsummer heat what kind of Lolita do you wear?
If it's really that bad I won't wear lolita, or even go outside if I can avoid it. But I have a really lovely vintage Emily Temple OP that's light and probably my best warm-weather dress.

80. Do you wear Lolita to school/your workplace?
I wore it to school a couple times on casual clothes day. I would not want to wear it at work even if I could.

81. What are your regular style of clothes?
Random thrifted. I have one outfit that I wear basically all the time, despite having many non-lolita clothes. The only time I ever wear pants is at work or pajama pants at home.

82. Are you opposed to second hand clothing?
If anything i'm opposed to new clothing. a solid 90% of all my clothes are second hand. I can't stand the kind of person who thinks second hand clothes are icky or whatever because god forbid some "peasant" might have worn them.

83. Do you have a partner? And do they understand Lolita?
I don't have a partner and I don't think I could be with anyone who doesn't at least leave me be with it.

84. Please tell us the image of your ideal guy.
yo mama :p

85. Is there a Lolita that has left a big impression on you?
Princess Peachie! I'm disappointed she deleted a lot of her older vids but I respect her wish for privacy. I watched her all the time back before I could actually wear lolita.

86. Have you ever made your own clothes? If so what kind?
Nope. I am cursed to forever be truly pathetic at sewing.

87. Have you ever made your own accessories? If so what?
Yes, I've been making jewellery since i was a kid. Mostly bracelets because they're easiest, but I've made a bit of everything.

88. Is there an item you've made that you think "It's a great success!"?
Yes! a lot of the jewellery I make I'm at least satisfied with.

89. If you have an ideal coord, please talk about it.
I like the puffy shoulders, pulled-in waist and stiff A-line skirt kind of look. Otherwise, something very fluffy-feeling and either white x one pastel colour, or the whole rainbow.

90. Is there someone you admire? What kind of person are they?
My closest lolita friends! If this means in the romantic sense, not really.

91. For one day you can go on a date with that special person. They will also be wearing their favourite clothes. So who is it, what are you wearing and where is the date?
Not sure who they would be but I like going to bars and clubs, or if they prefer, just a picnic somewhere quiet. I'd love to go on a date with someone dressing cool as well.

92. If you could open a shop in the future, what kind would it be?
If I didn't have to worry about time or money I'd love to run an antique store.

93. Unconsciously, this catches your eye! Which motif is it?
I own a lot of florals. I also love stuff designed to resemble nurse uniforms.

94. Would you also want your child(ren) to wear Lolita?
If I had children and if they wanted to, I think it would be fun.

95. How much do you spend on each piece of clothing?
There's only a couple pieces I've spent more than $200 on. It tends to be around the $100-$150 range but funnily enough, most of my favourite pieces I got for far less.

96. This is a Lolita! If you think there's a gesture like that please tell us.
I think this question is about spotting lolitas in the wild who aren't in a coord. They'll usually dress some other kind of Jfashion-type girly, or if they're a man they'll be wearing something kind of punky or something unusually fancy. Sanrio trinkets and accessories used to be a big giveaway, but it's gotten popular amongst the general population recently.

97. Even if it's only one time I wanna wear it! Is there something you want to wear other than Lolita?
Gyaru, although I only feel like it be comfortable wearing it in very specific circumstances, I'd like to give it a shot one day.

98. Looking at your Lolita, if you could use one word to represent it, what would it be?

99. What is your image of an ideal Lolita?
Someone who gains wholesome fulfillment from self-expression through lolita fashion.

100. 大変お疲れ様でした! Please share your thoughts on taking this questionnaire.
I'm not a very introspective person so I was surprised some of my answers were so sentimental lol. It was an interesting experience. Sorry for being a bit long-winded with some of my answers.