Youtube channels

I watch a lot of youtube. Not as much as I used to since high quality, well-researched content has been disincentivized by the platform in favour of whatever will provoke the most reactions while still being advertiser and family-friendly. That doesn't mean there isn't plenty to watch anymore though. There's still loads of great and interesting creators out there, many of them only having small followings. Here's a few I've found.

Channels with more than 200k subs are excluded from this list since they probably don't need my shoutout. Those who have less than 10k subs will have a next to their name, I doubly recommend you check them out.

All Things Lost
- Lost media videos. Really well narrated and he chooses lesser-known topics just as much as popular ones.
Amelie Doree
- Discussion of vintage visual novels, generally from the PC-98 era. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge on the topic for someone who is geographically and linguistically an outsider.
- Music stories that mostly fall under the theme of music being made and performed despite the band being under adverse or unusual circumstances.
Bapsago (Romancing the pixel)
- Analysis and reviews of popular vintage dating sims from a Korean persective, or reviews of Korean dating sims that are virtually unknown elsewhere.
Blue Bidya Game
- Someone on a mission to review every single game for the original PS1. The amount of detail in each video is impressive without being excessive.
- Perfect clips of absurd moments from obscure video games presented as they should be, without commentary or editing. Has been uploading in unpredicatble bursts for 11 years.
Coffee Cakes
- Anime discussion from a gay male perspective. Also just very comfy vibes all-round.
- Reviews of forgotten American and European games, usually shooters or horror. Does a great job highlighting the strengths of each game.
Diamond Axe Studios Music
- Pop music reviews. Either what's charting at the moment or viewer requests via his "Grab Bag Reviews" series. Has one of the most welcoming and open-minded fanbases I've ever seen of a youtuber.
- Producer of simply the most fucked up hiphop beats you've ever heard. Musical genius.
- Rips of VHS tapes that he finds at Goodwill outlets. I like his channel less for the actual content and more for the preservation of productions that had work put into them that would otherwise literally be thrown out, regardless of quality.
- Incredible deep dives into forgotten or often-maligned anime, games and the stories behind them. I like how she treats each topic with a base level of respect but also doesn't look past their flaws.
- Retro anime reviews that also talk about the context behind a lot of the works.
Kineko Video
- Anime film restoration group. Formerly known as Femboy Films lol. They do incredible work!
- Fun, shortish retrospective vids on mostly 2000s internet and anime culture. Great sense of humour too.
Ray Mona
- Long videos documenting her (often fruitful!) searches for feminine lost media. She's tracked down some legendary works, suck as the Mean Girls DS game and the Saban Sailor Moon pilot.
Sean Seanson
- Videos highlighting PS1 hidden gems, and some bad games too. Truly makes you realise how bottomless that console's library is.
Snellby Reviews
- Sadly inactive now, but she made videos around what I guess I would call "themed amusement establishments". From Chuck E Cheese to interactive museum type stuff.
- Criminally underrated yet stone-cold classic gaming youtuber. The vibiest, chillest reviews ever. Also takes care to give "bad" games some time in the spotlight.
- A lot of great media analysis, usually through a bisexual lense.
Video Game Esoterica
- Daily retro gaming coverage. A great chanKnel to go to when looking for games to play, or any big news in the retro scene.

Music channels

Video game music - drum and bass, techno, bossa nova
Electric Young President
Japanese indie - Shibuya kei, alt rock, jpop
Ether Music Club
Video game music - ambient, new age, techno, house
Kuma's Campfire
Jpop, Shibuya kei
Quantum foam sounds
Ambient, new age, synthpop
Sleeping cocoon
Video game music and Japanese underground - Quite a variety of genres