Hi! This site is still a work in progress and will hopefully improve as I continue to learn html.
Update Log

6/3/2021: Added a special new page.

3/3/2021: My outfits are now in the fashion tab.

2/3/2021: Added long overdue credits for graphics.

1/3/2021: Added content to the photos page and made a blog post.

28/2/2021: Created some new pages, as well as removed some that I didn't like.

30/11/2020: Added content to "Handmade"

8/11/2020: Added some links.

4/9/2020: Made the landing page more fun, added some items to the wardrobe.

12/8/2020: Added a favourites section that can be acessed through the about tab. Only the music section is complete today though.

3/8/2020: Added handmade and links pages.

13/7/2020: Partially added wardrobe to lolita page.

30/6/2020: Completed blog section and made introductory blog post.

29/6/2020: Added stuff to about page.

22/6/2020: Completed home page.